creamy eyes;

break me and bruise me, but never leave. this is our home.

my heart is 100% recycled
a wasteland revived, begging
don’t waste me, please.
i want to save the world, but 
at the same time, watch it burn
in greed, in excess of want —

god, how much love do you 
throw in the trash every morning?
rub lead on your skin and wait
for flowers to grow out,
and hunger for starvation, or
imprison for too much reason —

the tears of our stories
are backwashed into sewers
and eradicated with febreeze,
while our hearts are reduced,
reused and recycled, 
claiming the world is being saved,
that it’s the only way.

Jun 10th · 18 · tagged: ** little thoughts june 10
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